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Deltaparts: Home to some of the finest, most powerful Fiat Lancia engines in the World.

We have previously built the engine for UK’s most powerful 2ltr 16v Evo at over 600bhp,  the UKs most powerful Fiat Coupe 2ltr 16vt at over 500bhp and done the headwork/cam design and also supplied parts for the World’s most powerful 8v at 488bhp. What can we do for you?

Engine building services

‘Little Knowledge is dangerous’

‘A man’s gotta know his limitations’

‘Some things are worth waiting for, shit normally turns up in double quick time’

“It is unwise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money that is all”

There are many, many more famous quotes you can apply to the art of engine building.

From standard spec to highly uprated and anywhere in between we can rebuild your engine to a very high standard. From years of experience with the Lampredi Twin cam we know the pitfalls, what works and what doesn’t.

All builds start from a stripped, checked, cleaned and re-bored block or even new if you wish.

Shiny block

Cost is dependant on specification.


^^ The UKs most powerful integrale, engine built by Deltaparts. it isn’t just about ultimate BHP, but also reliability, torque and how early the turbo spools. The reason for the flat top on the power curve is because we hit the limit of the map sensor otherwise it would have done more on the day.

Micha build 006

Originally from a Croma turbo this high powered unit is pushing out around 480bhp and winning races in an Alfa 164.

Micha win





25mm belt kit 8v 002

Aug 27th 2014 028

2.2 resized 2

2.2 resized 3

2.2 resized

8v engine build

Engine tools

Just a fraction of the tools needed to build a successful engine.

Crank bow check

Checking for crank bow after journal was checked for ovality.





Crank balancing1 RS




Originally from a Thema turbo, this one was going into a Lancia Montecarlo.


Maxing out a GT3076 on a modified 2ltr 16v engine at 1.6bar boost and pump fuel.


When a turbo designed to give 500bhp gives 500bhp you know everything else is in harmony with it, if it’s only giving 450 then you’ve got to ask yourself why.

If you want some no nonsense, reliable engine work then you’re in the right place because that is what I do, if you want flattery, snakiness and general underhand persuasion then try elsewhere, you’re sure to find it 🙂


What you don't know you don't know

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