Fiat 131, Lancia Beta, Montecarlo, Twin cam N/A etc parts and services.

All prices include VAT.


Various parts available, also full engine builds, race or road, standard or modified.

Just ask.


Micha build 006

Camshafts £555 pair

Various profiles available.

8v cams

Vernier pulleys £220

8v pulleys


Re-worked, flowbench, road and track developed to a high standard.

New valve guides all round, 3 angle seats, appreciable increase in airflow at all valve lifts.

Re-cut angles on valves, back cut on inlet valve

Power increase circa 15%+ dependant on accompanying modifications.

Stage 1: £400 +VAT

Stage 2: £450 +VAT

Stage 3 £550 +VAT

8v head

Big valve conversions available.

Head stud and nut kits £220

main bearing cap stud kit

Lash cap blanks/under bucket shims (to grind to size) £56 for 8

Shimless followers (buckets)  £155  for 8

bucket and shim


Valve springs with lightweight retainers £136 for 8 springs,  £76 for 8 retainers.

One must go with the other, retainers are shorter to avoid collision with stem oil seals when using high lift cams



Intake manifold gasket with Phenolic spacer 5mm £10

8v in mani gasket


Valve guides

Silicon bronze £10

Cast iron £6

SB is much harder wearing than the original copper bronze.


Bigger (43.5mm)  inlet valves, standard inlet and exhaust valves £15 ea


Forged steel rods £420


Core plugs, various sizes.

Coreplugs 2

integrale type head bolts with Ribe fitting £25 per set.

Headbolt STD

Big end bearings £40

Crank main bearings £45

Thrust washers (pair) £11

Main and big end available in oversizes.