Transmission and Driveline Part 2

Prices include VAT

Clutch slave cylinders £30

Clutch Slave non OE

clutch slave cylinder C clip

Slave cylinder circlip: £2

Clutch release bearing: £65

Clutch bearing 16v

Clutches for all models

Clutch group 4

A note on uprated clutches.

A clutch which slips under load will have a limited life, overheat itself and the components around it, in order to stop it from slipping there has to be a higher clamping force holding it down, this is provided by the pressure plate. How do vendors get away with selling clutches which aren’t actually very good nor uprated? As already noted the part which has the most effect of holding more power is the pressure plate and many sold are just standard ones so the whole kit has a limited life, that is why they are cheap. Very few people sell genuinely uprated ones, many are just Valeo with some bright spray paint over the top to make it ‘Motorsport’ and then sometimes sold with a cerametallic paddle which doesn’t overheat if slipped like an organic one so it lasts a bit longer whilst overheating the flywheel and pressure plate instead – you will often find they have gone blue with the heat. When buying a new uprated clutch you need to ask ‘Is this actually an uprated pressure plate?’ and how do I know? Genuinely (ours) uprated ones actually have thicker ‘fingers’ or diaphragm spring as it is known, to provide higher clamping pressure.

Also a large percentage of modified car owners think their cars are making far more power than they really are so can often get away with using a standard clutch or mild upgrade (it will just wear out quicker).

How many people actually measure and compare the thickness of the clutch diaphragm fingers or measure the clamping load? None.

That is how the industry gets away with it and considering the cost in labour to replace a clutch it is of course false economy to fit a cheap one.

Uprated clutches: 16v and 8v

Sprung road driveable paddle clutch kit, uprated cover with 30% more clamp load, high quality friction plate and thrust bearing.

Use on standard flywheels for less judder.

Rated at circa 450 lbs/Ft of torque.



Uprated road car clutch 16v £400

Valeo clutch kit 001

The strongest judder free organic clutch we can find,  the best on the market.

Kit with uprated pressure plate, high torque friction plate and release bearing

Torque rating:  300Lbs/Ft

Uprated clutch cover 30% more clamp load £ask

Clutch Press plate

Paddle clutch, sprung centre, driveable high quality £ask

Paddle clutch disc

Bi-friction clutch kit £430 for a three piece kit.

This really is the Daddy. High torque loading and easy to use for integrale 16v, 8v and all Fiat Coupe turbo models. 400ft/lbs torque. High clamp load pressure plate, friction plate with two different types of friction material and a release bearing. It is genuinely road driveable and has the added bonus of not wearing your flywheel out like paddle clutches do.

16v & 8v Evo 3 piece standard clutch  £250

We call this standard, but it’s a mild upgrade (for the 16v only )as it has a wider friction surface than standard, but drives and operates just like a standard clutch.

Valeo clutch kit 001

Standard Valeo clutch cover only £50

Clutch Press plate

Twinplate clutch (gold) including flywheel:   £1500


Self locking plate type rear diff £1440

The original Torsen will lose traction if one wheel can spin, this won’t and can be set for tarmac or loose surfaces.

Available to order.