Transmission and Driveline Part 1

Here you will find anything which goes between the engine and the wheels….

Prices include VAT


Polyurethane rear differential mounting bushes £77

Gearbox top mount bush £37

Gearbox front lower mount £40

Gearchange rod mount bush £25

Gearchange lower bush £25

Gearchange upper bush £24

Clutch master cylinders £80

Clutch MC

Steel Flywheels £325



Flywheel drilled



Standard flywheel: 10kg

Our steel flywheel: 4.4kg

We only stock Chrome alloy flywheels, aluminium flywheels will eventually crack, especially if you are running a stronger clutch. The aluminium cannot cope with being constantly flexed. Our flywheels are made from one piece of billet steel and this includes the ring gear, dynamically balanced and ready to go.  Allows the engine to spin up much quicker resulting in greater throttle response and a quicker car.

Flywheels can be specially ordered drilled to suit any non standard clutch.

Gearbox strengthening

Mid plate

Used to strengthen the fragile gearbox casing on a modified car, comes with spacer ring and dowels (not pictured), made from precision laser cut stainless steel.


Price: £145

Lower plate or spectacle plate

If you measure the two holes which house the two main shaft bearings in any gearbox bell housing you will find them to be oval, the deflection of the two gears pushing against one another stretches the soft aluminium. Under hard acceleration the shafts can push so far apart that the mesh of gears is reduced so much the teeth break off.

The only answer is to make a precisely machined steel plate which houses the bearings, the gearbox bell housing is then carefully machined to take this plate and it is fixed in place.

This is all done on a CNC milling machine, we cannot supply the plate only as it would be impossible to program another machine to cut it into the casing.  The plate and the housing are machined one after the other side by side using the same coordinates to ensure a perfect fit.

You have to send your own casings to us for machining, this takes a few weeks. We do have ready machined casings which we can exchange for a faster service.

Price for the bottom plate fitted is £550. Gearbox is then ready for you to re-build.

Propshaft CV joints 

Price: £55 


Propshaft torque tube bearing £32

idler bearing 25mm

Driveshaft CV joints

16v/8v front, Evo front & rear Inner:  £55 

Evo outer front & rear:  £62 

16v/8v Outer rear :  £62 

Rubber covers/gaitors:

Outer £8 ea

Inner £10

Propshaft universal joint £55 

Prop UJ

Wheel bearings

Evo front, rear and 16v/8v front:  £45 


16v/8v Rear:  £40 

Wheel nuts and studs


Thread and taper to suit all integrales.

£2 per nut

£2 per stud

We generally have 60 and 80mm.