Suspension & Steering Part 2

Prices include VAT 

Steering rod ends (track rod ends)


Track rod end

Rear lateral arm polyurethane bushes

Adjustable arm £124 for four

Fixed arm £100 for four

Anti-roll bar end bushes

Front:  £10 each Add to Basket

Rear:  £10 each Add to Basket

ARB end bush

Polyurethane rear ARB end bush £40 per pair

Grp A style rear suspension arms (lateral)




Zinc plated 32mm seamless tube, Stainless Steel PTFE lined rod ends with dust covers, direct replacement.

Intrax suspension systems

If you want the best for road or track then choose Intrax.

Lancia Delta with and without spring, clear vieuw on Black Titan upside down insert

Lancia Delta front adjuster knob

1K2 45mm upside-down front shock absorber € 2.850,00 +VAT

Lancia Delta 8V, 16V with ARC (front external reservoir for ARC, rear internal)

Lancia Delta 8V readu for standard top mount

4-Way € 4.950 + VAT
The 4-way is our top product. The damper is adjustable in the low- and high-speed compression, rebound and the overall range of the low-speed compression, these adjustments can all be done separately and have no interference with each other what so ever. This makes it suitable to fine tune the setup. Naturally also this damping system is equipped with a heat device (thermostat) to insure damping force stability and optimum performance during all different operation temperatures.

Lancia Delta 4-way Black Titan

The 1K2 is equipped with externally adjustable damping and adjustable in height.


Intrax chooses one knob for the damping adjustment. With this one knob you can set different damping settings. When you adjust the knob, both rebound and compression will be adjusted in the correct ratio. This unique system makes it very easy to find the correct setup for your driving style and road conditions. Finally the damping system is equipped with a heat device (thermostat) to insure damping force stability and optimum performance during all different outside-and operation-temperatures.

You Lancia has a Mac Pherson system in the front and rear. As you probably know, with a Mac Pherson system your shock absorber doesn’t only have to cope with the vertical but also with the lateral forces. Our 1K2’s are a upside-down 45mm system, this gives a lot of extra installation stiffness (less flex) in your Mac Pherson suspension. This you will notice in the feeling of your car and of course in the handling which improves al lot.

Lancia Delta  EVO front Black Titan-1

Adjustable top mounts are extra – € 170,00 each or € 400 per set if ordered with a set of four struts.

Black Titan € 500 + VAT

Black Titan is an development from military aircraft industry. Their engines must perform under the toughest conditions and must function from +40°C up to -30°C. After they fitted their engines with Black Titan the service interval was increased by 100%.  Intrax decided that what is good for their airplane engines must be good for our shock absorbers. The Black Titan coating, which will be applied on the guidance- and piston rod, cannot rust and is extreme hard and smooth. The friction is lowered with these piston rods, reducing oil temperatures, improving traction and extending life time under the severest conditions.

ARC® (Anti Roll Control) € 325 per damper

After years of development Intrax did it. They developed a unique way to drastically reduce unwanted roll (lateral and longitudinal). Your car will have the comfort and all the other benefits of driving with “soft” springs, until you take a corner, need to brake or drive over a hole or a curb, then ARC® will control ride height with the feel of a sport setup. For the car it’s a must have, because on the long roads/tracks, your suspension acts like a soft suspension and gives you a lot of traction and stability in the car. But the ARC® will make sure that your suspension won’t collapse on a unexpected hole or high curb and your car will corner like it’s fitted with a sport suspension. So for the first time you can have the benefits of a soft spring set up without  the disadvantages of too much body roll and/or collapsing suspension in holes, jumps or curbs.

ARC® will fit inside the rear shock but for the front we have to add a external reservoir.