Suspension & Steering Part 1

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Powerflex suspension bushes 

Component prices

Please note: These bushes are standard purple grade. If you would like a stiffer grade of material please ask, we can supply these in Black which is firmer.

Steering rack mounting bushes £40 each, only one needed per car.

Powerflex 004

PFF30-301   These 4 bushes are for the front suspension arms on an integrale Evo :  £100

 Powerflex 005

PFF30-302 These 4 bushes are for the front suspension arms on an integrale 8v/16v:  £100

Powerflex 005


PFR30-308    These 2 bushes are for the rear of the rear longitudinal tie bars on any integrale (one per side) : £47

Powerflex 002


PFR30-307    These 2 bushes are for the front of the rear longitudinal tie bars on an integrale (one per side):  £47

Powerflex 001

PFR30-310-15  These are two rear anti-roll bar mounting bushes:     £36


PFR30-314 These are two UPPER rear anti-roll bar mount bushes £40

Powerflex 016

Rear anti-roll bar end bushes £19


Rear lateral fixed arm bushes x 4 £100

Powerflex 004

Rear lateral adjustable arm bushes x 4 £124

Powerflex 003


Front anti-roll bar mounting bushes £40


Rear differential mounting bushes £38 per pair

Powerflex 003

Powerflex bushes do not make the ride harder, the comfort on your car is controlled by the dampers and springs.


BC-Racing coilovers

The most cost effective suspension set up on the market today, cheaper than a full set of OE suspension struts and far better……

This suspension system is an absolutely massive step in making your integrale handle and ride as it should, there is no compromise on quality and is a beautifully engineered system.

BCR EVO front strut and kit

BCR 8V16V topmount

BCR strut detail

BR Series

Competitively priced at £900 per set.

Yes, that is a full set of four adjustable coilovers with top mounts for your integrale for £900!

Available for all integrales at the same price.

75 x 46 x 22  24kgs France, Finland Netherlands.


If you race or rally your car then you may be interested in these:

 RM Series

feature high quality damping adjustable monotube inverted dampers at the front or front and rear, depending on vehicle. The RM coilovers offer the majority of the features of the BR series but with the additional benefit of the inverted damper unit. Inverting the damper unit brings with it a number of advantages.

Unsprung weight is reduced by moving the oil and gas reservoir way from the hub and attaching it to the shell. Unsprung weight is vital to a cars performance as a lighter wheel and hub assembly which readily moves in response to road bumps will have more grip when tracking over an imperfect road.




Problems with Non Evo model front arms:

susp arm crack

Lozza 3

Lozza 2

Lozza 1

8v/16v uprated front wishbone strengthening plates

£45.00 for two.


These plates are designed to be welded to the underside of the front lower wishbones as per our uprated kit above.  Laser cut for a precise fit, no trimming is needed, simply clamp on and weld.

Tip: Spray plenty of Dinitrol/Waxoyl or similar inside your newly strengthened plates when you have finished them, a weld through or Tetrosyl etching primer should always be used on bare metal before welding on.

Strengthened front arms

Wishbones finished


Evo Teflon Lined Anti-roll bar drop links, high quality: £100.00 


Cheaper version of the above: £75

Cheaper drop links

Anti-roll bar drop link boots

each £7.00

droplink boots

Bottom ball joints


All models – the correct diameter, no grinding necessary.


Bottom ball joint rubber covers £5 for two.

Ball joint cover

Split covers let in dirt which wears away the joint, they are also now an MOT failure in the UK.

Rear subframe mounting bushes

Sorry product no longer available.

£60 per set. Limited supply only, once they’re gone, they’re gone…..

These replace the squashy old rubber ones which go between the subframe and the boot floor. What happens when you corner hard? The subframe moves around, the rear end feels a bit mushy and the geometry of the rear suspension changes.

Fit these and it won’t, supplied with stainless steel washer and centre dowel, another fit and forget product which won’t need replacing.

Part Nos. 2 & 21 on drawing.

Subframe bushes

Subframe drawing