Inlet manifolds
Designed to be the ultimate intake for any high powered 16v turbo engine.
Intake 2
Twin plenums
A unique equal port share system.
70mm internal diameter inlet, 70mm throttle body is extra if needed and your original PF09 Marelli TPS will fit it if needed.
Flow bench tested and developed.
Straight shot runners are the same angle as the ports for less flow loss than the original.
Long runner version (pictured) needs the GrpA style air intake/heater box available from us.
Original Evo strut brace fits when fitted to an integrale.
Shorter runner version available for use with OE heater box.
Leaves a good space below it to mount other items such as electric water pump, supercharger etc…
In stock.



 Throttle bodies and plenums

 Designed and made exclusively for Deltaparts specifically for the 16v turbo or N/A engine these separate throttle bodies represent the ultimate in intake technology.
Complete with shaftless oval blades which are as close to the head as possible, they will accept different lengths of injectors, different lengths of two piece intake runner and bellmouth are available too. They come with a Marelli throttle position sensor or other types if needed. Choice of two colours (black and natural (silver)) at the base price quoted.
Greater power potential, better throttle response , smoother idle when using camshafts of high lifts, durations and overlap.
Fuel rail is either 8mm push on hose or JIC 6 fitting.
Extensions or runners are 45mm oval at the base tapered out to 50mm round and are 70, 100 or 130mm long threaded at the end to take a screw on ram pipe or bell mouth of 40 or 60mm long.
Buy separate with or without plenum below, completed or as components kits.

Complete kit including plenum is £2600