Prices include VAT

Original part, intercooler duct 82440364: £75

Intercooler duct

Downflow intercooler: £720

Features: A huge 60% increase in airflow and cooling capability over the original, the highest flowing intercooler on the market for the integrale Evo.

Less restriction, more tubes and 65mm inlet/outlet at the same side for less pipework  = less lag & more power

Fits Evo models only

For fitment with aircon on an Evo you will need an Evo3 bumper.

This cooler will only work with our combined oil & water rad or a repositioned dimensionally different oil cooler and does take some fitting.


Downflow rad combo

Read about intercooler theory here:

Don’t restrict your integrale engine and throw away power, fit a proper intercooler today!

The car below made 610bhp, 540 ft/lbs of torque and the GT35 turbo hitting full boost by 4200 rpm with one of our radiator/intercoolers fitted. As you can see we painted it black to make the car appear as standard as possible, only the camera flash has picked it out, normally you can’t see it until really close.