Fuel System

Fuel pressure regulators:

Adjustable up to 5 bar push on fittings £100

Adjustable up to 5 bar -6 fittings £110

Fixed pressure 2.5 bar or 3 bar £90

-6 fittings available.


Fit straight onto original brackets.

 Internal fuel hose £8

Uprated in tank fuel hose, flexible and specifically produced to cope with today’s aggressive fuel, this is the proper part for the job.



The proper 9-11 hose clips for the above pipe £1 ea

Grips equally all round, better than a Jubilee clip. Worth the risk when dealing with pressurised fuel? Not really….

Uprated in tank fuel pump

Fits all models, 255lph, direct fit.

This will supply enough fuel to about 400bhp and will be ok for a standard car too.


Fuel pump

 Standard in tank fuel pump

Fits all models:  £100

Fuel pump

The price and performance of these pumps is outstanding when you consider you can retain your original fuel tank set-up at that power level without having to use two pumps, swirl pots, loose space and balance in the car by having the weight and fuel where it should be – low down and out of the car.

Fuel filter

Fits all models £20

F filter

Fuel tank pump lid gasket £30

petrol tank seal


Injector Dynamics

Widely thought to be the best on the market today, correct length and plug fitting for integrale/Coupe 16vt, High impedance, factory matched sets of 4.

Injector Dynamics


1050cc x 4 £475

1300 and 2000cc available if needed.


One set of four 630cc: £330

Unbeatable value for a high quality injector, correct length, O ring diameter, plug type and multi-hole orifice.

Injector Siemens