16v Fiat Coupe Parts

Prices include VAT

If you are outside of the EU 20% VAT can be removed.



Bottom ball joint dust covers £5 per pair

Ball joint cover

Split covers let in dirt which wears away the joint, they are also now an MOT fail in the UK.


Breaking Coupes:

Stock varies, all 16vt, various parts available: Wheels, body panels, exhausts, gearboxes  etc, just ask.

Whole 16v and 16vt cars for sale, various states & colours, all with working engines.

We are based in West Yorks

Engine parts

We can rebuild and modify your 16vt engine or supply parts for it.



Please go to the modified engine parts section, everything there will fit your 16vt

Deltaparts is home to the UK’s most powerful 16vt.


1.6 bar boost on pump fuel.



For 20vt and 16vt:

Standard 3 piece £180

Uprated organic 3 piece kit 375 ft/lbs  £450

Paddle 450 ft/lbs 3 piece kit  £420




Gearbox strengthening plate: £120

Fits all turbo models and helps stop the gearbox breaking apart on high powered cars.


Gaskets sets


Full engine 16vt: £120

Cam phase sensor £45


Just the actual sensor, it needs fitting to the existing back plate and wiring up. nuts and bolts supplied to fix it to back plate.


16v N/A high CR forged pistons: