External Bodywork – Part 1

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New, bronze £240

In stock.




De-rusting solution £10 per kg


White crystals which when mixed with water turn into a powerful de-rusting solution.

Mix 1:4 for very strong, 1:18 for a weaker solution. 1kg makes a maximum of 20 litres

Simply mix and drop your rusty metal parts in.





50/50 test:


We have de-rusted all kinds of items with this stuff, we simply mix up a large container (half a plastic barrel) and drop the parts in, our favourite parts to do are engine blocks. You can either plug the outlets and fill them up with it or immerse the whole lot. By de-rusting the waterways the cooling capacity of the block is returned to as good as it was when it was new. The block below was completely immersed then we hit it with a rotary wire brush to finish it off. Steel sumps are also a good candidate because as with blocks it is not a good idea to go anywhere near them with any sand or shotblasting treatments.

Shiny block

Front door check strap, all models: £40

Door check strap

Door stiff and creaky when opening? This is the one for you, your old one is probably seized.



Rear outer upper back panel; Sorry no longer available.

 82406818 No. 4 in diagram

Back panels

Backpanel edited

The inner part of this is also in stock as a straight length only £50