Engine Parts Standard

Prices include VAT. If you are outside the UK they are minus 20%

16v Standard cambelt and balancer belt kit with all three bearings:  £185

Complete kit to do a belt change, Gates or Dayco supplied.

8v Standard cambelt, balancer shaft belt and three bearing kit £180

Complete kit to do a belt change, Gates or Dayco supplied.

Oil filter £10

Airfilter £20

Fuel Filter £16

Auxiliary belt tensioner brackets:  £55

Made from Zinc plated billet steel, fit and forget. All models available, please say which when ordering.

Aux tens brkt

Auxiliary belt tensioner bearings

Evo 2: £55

Evo 2 Aux TB

8v, 16v and Evo1: £120

Aux belt TB

Auxiliary belt £20

Standard camshafts:  £340 each

Made to order only and made to last from steel billet.


Valve guides Bronze:  £10 each


Valve guide iron

Iron £5 Direct replacement for your worn originals

Oversized O/D are available to order.

16v Thermostats  £76


Crankshaft main bearings, full set: £45.

Available in standard or oversized

glyco bearings

Connecting rod big end bearings  (big end, full set) £40.00

 Available in standard or oversized

AE Bearings

Crank thrust washers (one pair) £12

Available standard and oversized.

Thrust washers RS

Head bolts standard x 10 £30

Headbolt STD


16v Inlet valve £12

16v Exhaust valve £17

Full engine gasket sets, 16v:  £110

Contains all the gaskets and valve stem seals you will need for a full engine build. Does not contain rotary seals.

Gasket set

16v Camcover gasket/seal set (5 pieces) £21

Standard pistons 16v .

Ask for price and availability (currently NLA at time of writing).

84mm or .4 oversized, phosphate with moly coated ant-scuff skirts, includes rings and pins, to fit all 16v turbo engines: 16v, 16v Evo 1 and 2

003 16v cast piston

Piston ring set x 4 £100

Rotary seals

Rotary seal


Crank front (oil pump housing) and left balancer shaft seal: £8

Crank rear: £12

Camshaft: £5

Right balancer shaft: £8

Full set: £46

16v Standard head gasket £20

Standard H gasket

Engine/gearbox mounts

Powerflex versions of these now available, see Transmission section.

Powerflex 001

Fit all models

Front N/S G’box: £108

NSF mount

Side G’box: £61 Add to Basket

NS mount

Front O/S (oil filter mounting): £116

OS front mount

Gearbox rear mount: £120

Gbox mount rear

Engine block core plug set

Coreplugs 2

Set of 17 block plugs, includes all water gallery plugs and oil gallery plugs: £35.

Balancer shaft end blanking plug each: £2 these are for the gearbox end of the block.

Crankshaft coreplug set (of 4)  £10

When re-building your engine it is always advisable to clean out the crankshaft completely, because you never know….. er, yes we know what will be in there:

Crank dirt

Piston oil cooling jets, genuine Fiat/Lancia: £30 each

Piston squirters RS

Oil pump, 8bar £280


Standard upper sump gaskets £5