Engine Parts Modified Part 1

Old Fiat Lancia Twin Cams never die, they just get stronger, more reliable and powerful!

Prices include VAT unless stated otherwise. This will be removed if you are outside of the UK.

The 2 ltr 16v engines producing the power on the graphs below were built by us using parts from this website:


2.2 litre Stroker kits £3200


If you want the ultimate driving machine then start with a 2.2 litre conversion. Bigger capacity means greater torque and earlier turbo spool.

25mm cambelt kit

How many car manufacturers have used a 19mm belt on a performance I4 multi-valve engine? None.

As time marches on and parts become harder to find it’s a good idea to think about protecting your investment.   The weak point of the Lampredi 16v engine is and always has been the cam timing belt, at 19mm it just isn’t up to the job, if you put too much tension on it eventually breaks resulting in (at best) a few bent valves:

Belt break valves

If you don’t tension it enough or it stretches it eventually slips, the engine carries on turning briefly and makes one heck of a mess:

belt break comb chamber

Either way you are then looking at a rather large repair bill and fitting higher lift cams gives failure even more potential. It will almost certainly bend valves, the last remaining new sodium filled exhaust valves are now around £80 each, as above it could damage the head and also bend the connecting rods.

The cam timing belt in the above picture was fitted by a Lancia specialist (not in the UK) it did around 30,000kms/19,000 miles in one year before it broke.

Prevention being better than cure, here is the answer.

We have been producing this kit since around 2010 and it has been constantly improving and evolving, all components apart from the belt are produced exclusively for Deltaparts, here below is its latest iteration. Please note we do not use the original tensioner bearing as it is too narrow, the belt can move and run off the bearing in service.

Don’t be tempted by poor quality copies of the belt kit and the BSRK, they really are badly made. We have been producing these for circa 10yrs now and they have been constantly evolving into what you see today.

This kit will not work with the balancer belt still fitted.

It will work with the balancer shafts still in the block, but disconnected.

The belt cover will fit fine.

It uses a commonly (in Europe at least) available belt

Life of belt and bearing: 5 yrs, 40,000 miles, 64,000kms

We do not sell part kits

25mm cambelt kit: £450 with adjustable pulleys.


Consists of:

  • 25mm cam timing belt
  • Wider adjustable cam pulleys Silver in colour

  • 30mm tensioner bearing
  • Crank mounted aluminium spacer to replace balancer belt pulley
  • Crank mounted wider drive pulley

It does not include the belt idler bearing in the pic, this is part of the BSRK.

Life of belt and bearing: 4 yrs, 40,000 miles, 64,000kms

Don’t do what many people do and fit one after a breakage…

Apart from the items below we do not sell part kits

Component parts:

30mm belt tensioner bearing: £45

30mm tens bearing

This bearing will work with and is an upgrade to earlier kits sold Pre-2012

Vernier pulleys £240

For standard 19mm cambelt, black centres are now blue.

Unique pin and hole system – find the next available hole, push in the pin, loosen and twist pulley till it engages and has moved precisely one degree.

vernier standard

Balancer shaft replacement kit:

19mm wide belt kit: £160

25mm wide belt kit: £180


The ideal set up if you are re-building your engine and want to get rid of the balancer shafts, this is a complete kit of several parts (not pictured) with everything you need to do the job of removing the balancer shafts and blanking them off. It fits both the 8v and the 16v engines. The whole kit is CNC precision machined and the bearing holder is anodised for long life and to keep your engine bay tidy.

Can be fitted with ordinary workshop tools, no machining is needed.

This kit cannot be fitted whilst the engine is in the car.

Instructions are supplied.

Camshafts:  £700


Available in many different levels: Road medium, fast road/track and full race, made from steel billet, all the same price. Read about our camshafts here:



High performance Inconel exhaust valves and stainless steel inlet valves, swirl polished, back cut, lightened heads.

Black nitrided inlet x8 £200.00 

Inconel exhaust x8 £260.00 

Valves 001 Valves 002 Valves 003

Over sized Nimonic valves (for big valve conversions) available, please ask for prices.

Valve stem oil seal £1.50 each


Solid camshaft Buckets and top hat shims

Cuts down valve train weight dramatically and helps prevent power robbing valve bounce at high RPM

Coated in Balinit C (similar to DLC).

  • Camshaft Buckets £22 each

  • 8 Camshaft Buckets £176

  • 16 Camshaft Buckets £352

Under bucket shims

  • Ground to size: £10 each
  • Blanks which need grinding to size £8

bucket and shim cam bucket


Uprated springs and retainers for higher lift cams.


  • Springs for high lift cams: £17 per valve
  • 8 Springs £135
  • 16 Springs £270
  • Retainers for high lift cams: £10 each

Gasflowed/ported cylinder heads

Re-worked, flowbench, road and track developed to a high standard.

New aluminium/bronze guides all round, 3 angle seats, appreciable increase in airflow at all valve lifts.

Power increase circa 15 – 20% dependant on accompanying modifications.

Head 1

£550 +VAT + a head to work with.

What goes into one of our heads?

First the head is dismantled and cleaned thoroughly in solvent before being rinsed. It is then examined and pressure checked before being ported, flow balanced and new valve guides fitted . The valve seats are then re-cut 3 angle, back cut put on inlet valves, guides are brush honed and face resurfaced before having its final wash.

As an extra to the above the head can be assembled and shimmed before being carefully packed ready for shipment or fitting.  This whole process takes days of work.

Widely considered to be a black art, the porting or gasflowing of a head does not mean simply grinding out or polishing the ports and hoping for the best, in the hands of an amateur quite often the head can be made to work less efficiently than it did before.

The shape and finish of the ports in these heads is the result of a lot of time on our flow bench, on running engines and is produced to individual specifications – a head for a 360bhp engine wouldn’t be the same as one for a 650bhp one which is why a CNC ported head is not a good idea and that’s before we consider (due to core shift and changes over the years) one head is never the same as another.


Forged pistons and rods

Wossner, Piston set:  £650

Made to a newer, better bespoke design than their other pistons (below) these are the one to have and feature:

Cr 8:1
Moly Anti scuff coating on skirt.
Pin offset 1mm.
4032 alloy.
Fully rounded transitional area from squish band to bowl.
Smaller valve cut outs than other Wossner pistons.

84.4 and 84.6 bore sizes only.

These are the best off-the-shelf pistons you can buy, I fit them in most engines these days.

New Woss pist2 New Woss pist 4 New Woss pist 3piston rods

£1000 for four rods and Wossner pistons (everything in picture)

Wossner forged pistons:  £600 bore sizes 84, 84.2, .4, .6 and 84.8mm






Wossner Steel rods: £730

Forged steel rods: £420

Shot peened forged steel includes ARP bolts.

We have been selling and fitting these ourselves for a couple of years now with not one problem, they are extremely strong and accurate.

Long rods £420

4mm longer than standard, H beam, includes ARP bolts, these will need a non standard piston design.

Long rod


Uprated upper sump gasket integrale: £25

Tired of seeing oil oozing out of that tired old crappy soggy gasket? Here is a permanent fix, a reinforced heavy duty gasket.

Fit one now and forget about oil leaks from your upper sump. I fit these on all new engine builds.

Upper sump gasket

Solid so you can get some tension on the fixing bolts and they don’t come loose.

Bi-Metal crank bearings:

A good quality bearing, we have used these in many high powered applications.

Crank mains: £45

Connecting rod/big end £40

Thrust washer £12

Tri-metal full race crank bearings:

Crank mains: £130

Connecting rod/big end £110

High capacity oil filter  £15

Much more filtration capacity, the all important anti-drain back valve and higher by-pass pressure release than the original. The best oil filter you will ever buy for this engine.

Oil filter high cap

Made by MANN filters, high capacity is on left, OE Lancia item on the right.

What does that mean? Not convinced? Read here for expert advice: http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=309756