Electrical and Lighting

Prices include VAT unless stated otherwise. This will be removed if you are outside of the UK.

Evo2 coil pack £25

Coil pack

Replacement 3 bar map sensor £150

3bar map

Scaling as per original this is a very high quality remake unlike the cheap Chinese copies of the WM which you can buy. Fit poor quality sensors, risk a melted piston it’s as simple as that.

Standard multi electrode NGK sparkplug £6 each


Uprated Spark plugs £12 ea

Throw away your archaic B8EGV and fit something more modern and long lasting: An Iridium spark plug.

These are a colder grade 8 for cars running more boost than standard.

spark plug

Replacement foglight lenses for Evo models only

Made from unbreakable scratch & fade resistant non-yellowing Polycarbonate.

You will never have to fit another lens ever again……


Foglight lens

Cam phase sensor Evo 2 £45


Just the actual sensor, it needs fitting to the existing back plate and wiring up. nuts and bolts supplied to fix it to back plate.

Blue coolant sensor: £21 

Blu cool sens

Air temp sensor: £43 

Air temp sens

Crank position sensor £60 

crank sensor

Uprated Alternators

100A:  £290 inc VAT

(original is 65A)

Fits all models and charges the battery much quicker, keeps on top of things better in Winter or if you have extra electrical equipment fitted.  The 100A is smaller and includes more secure (supplied) bolt on connections crimping on to your existing loom.

Alternator 90A

Lower foglights to suit 8v/16v (original Carello)


New: £150

Used: £75