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 Why fit an aftermarket ECU?

When modifying your engine for more power you will need to be able to alter the fuelling and spark timing and many other parameters safely to be able to get the most out of it.

Some of the original Weber Marelli ECUs fitted to integrales are starting to break down and show faults as they are very old now. They also use very outdated methods of mapping, there are only 16 break points in this ECU. This means that between 800 and 7000rpm you only have 16 points where you can change the fuel and ignition, this is one adjustment roughly every 500 rpm. The original trigger wheel has only 4 teeth, this means for 90° of crank rotation the ECU just guesses what is going on, whilst all this works ok for an old engine, it is very rudimentary. 

The new Delta 400 ECU has 32 breakpoints which you can place where you want, that is twice the resolution.

Our 36 – 1 trigger wheels send a signal to the ECU every 10°, that is 9 times more accurate than the original.

The new Delta ECUs can use the original sensors so you can simply plug in and go and start mapping. Evo2 and Coupe 16vt will use the cars existing Lambda or wideband via the existing loom.

The ECU comes with a starter map for a standard car, it will start and run the car on tickover only. We have other more complete starter maps for modified engines too.

 They will also use other aftermarket sensors, this is very important as some of the OE sensors (TPS, Evo2 cam phase and 3 bar map) are now no longer produced. It is also useful to be able to use a cheaper, easily available, more modern and efficient sensors, especially where upgrading from the original 4 tooth trigger wheel to a more accurate 36-1 is concerned.


Delta 400S ECU is £1200

‘Plug n play’

Includes Communication leads, starter map and wiring loom to plug into existing loom.

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Delta 700S ECU: £1350

‘Plug n play’

Includes Communication leads, starter map and wiring loom to plug into existing loom.


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What is very useful about the 700 is knock control, I don’t think you will find an ECU in this price range which has the features that these do. 

ECUs are for all 8v and 16v engines, they will work with the original sensors, any other sensors and the original four tooth trigger wheel as well as our 36-1 type.

This is a very up to date and affordable replacement mappable ECU, big on features and capability, small on price there is nothing on the market which matches it on features and value for money.

Price includes:

  • ECU
  • Converter loom so you can plug it straight in.
  • Comms lead which enables your computer to communicate with the ECU and a starter map – this means as soon as you plug in to a standard car you can turn the key and the car will start and idle.

We are slowly building up a set of maps for these ECUs and can currently supply with a 500bhp 16v map and a 350bhp 8v which will give you somewhere useful to start from.

If you want to save £50 we can sell just the ECU, comms lead and plugs and you can wire it yourself. One plug is already wired and there is a wiring diagram we can supply.

Compare these features:

  • 32 Bit Microprocessor with 1Mb memory

  • Industry standard CANbus communications with Dashboards and Dataloggers

  • Bespoke SC micro USB-CAN dongle interface and Windows software

  • 32 x 32 Fuel and Ignition Maps with user programmable breakpoints

  • 1uS and 0.25deg Ignition Resolution

  • Wideband and Narrowband Lambda Control

  • Closed Loop Turbo Boost Control

  • Up to 12 Injectors and 8 Ignition Coils

  • Fully Sequential Fuel and Ignition Control

  • Variable Camshaft Timing Control

  • Powershift Capability

  • Automatic internal Barometric Pressure Compensation

  • Full Environmental Fuel and Ignition Corrections

  • Suitable for Engine Bay Mounting with sealed 35-way connector

  • Made in the UK with full manufacturer back up



Delta Log interface £200 separately or less as part of a complete package.

The Delta Log interface offers fast, efficient logging capabilities in a compact and affordable forma factor. Offering all of the functionality of our standard CAN bus to USB interface but with a slot to take up to a 32GB SD card. Logging up 70 channels at up to 100Hz this convenient item can be left in the vehicle at all times to ensure you never miss any data.

Motec M4

Cost of used M4 unit, starter map and wiring loom: £600


ECU connectors: £45

This is a genuine AMP connector which plugs straight into the original wiring loom plug, fits all Marelli ECU looms in Deltas and Ford Cosworth.

ECU connector 2

ECU connector

16v 36 – 1 Vernier trigger wheel £150

Buy with an ECU £100

These do not fit 8v engines with one piece pulley and timing teeth, please see below.


Fully adjustable to any angle, spin it round to set the missing tooth to suit whatever your ECU requires.

Zinc plated silver, fits 16v integrale engines with no alteration needed, uses original sensor & bracket.

36-1 trigger wheel ring £85. Used for when converting  8v style pulleys (and early Thema and Croma) to 36-1.

The original pulley will need machining to make this fit, but is a simple job for an engineer with a lathe.


Cosworth ECU connector AMP 825213

Used standard ECUs

We do not have any for the 16v and 16v Evo 1

For everything else we do, we have:

Evo 2


8v Kat

HF Turbo

Dedra integrale

In stock.