All prices include VAT.

Fiat/Lancia recommended: Paraflu

Long life Red: £10

Original Blue: £8 per litre

Comes in 1ltr containers only and is concentrated – needs mixing with water 50/50


Combined aluminium oil and water radiator:   £760.00

Includes everything in the picture: Hoses, and slimline fan, this is a specially made (in the UK) bespoke item made to order (hence the price).

Oil water rad

Oil water rad 2

Highly efficient water and oil cooler combined in one unit. We have run one of these on our development car on both road and track and cannot fault it in any way. In summer the car doesn’t overheat as easily and in winter the warm water heats up the oil so it does its job better. Gets rid of that tatty old OE oilcooler, tidys things up at the front and makes more space, possibly for addition of front mounted intercooler and a better exhaust manifold.

Features a 50mm thick core, both oil supply hoses and slimline fan are included.

Direct replacement aluminium high capacity radiator

Rad RS

Rad RS 2

Made in England

Uprated (45mm thick) 50% thicker water only cooling rads: £490

High flow fan: £80

This is a specially made (in the UK) bespoke item made to order (hence the price).

Stainless steel water manifold coolant pipes – any model.

16v only: £200.00

This pipe runs at the back and at the side of the engine and over time corrodes and leaks, this part is no longer available……..Until now and won’t ever need replacing again…….


 16v engine thermostats: £91


Thermostat to water manifold pipe 90′ £15



16v: £70

8v: £70


Water pump bolts 16v £15 per set


Aluminium radiators, slightly thicker than the original for better cooling, TIG welded, pressure tested, good quality, price: £180

Aluminium, doesn’t corrode as badly as the original copper cored ones, fit and forget!

Budget rad

Budget rad 2

Original radiator is 30mm, the rad above is 40mm.

Air-con belt £11

Tensioner bearing for air-con belt: £15

Idler bearing