8V Integrale Parts



Prices include VAT unless stated otherwise.

If you are outside of the EU this can be deducted.



25mm cambelt kit £450

As per picture, comes with wide tensioner bearing.

Micha build 006

485bhp 8v engine with Croma block.

Standard cambelt, balancer shaft belt and three bearing kit £170

Complete kit to do a belt change, Gates or Dayco supplied.


Valve guides

Valve guide iron



Silicon bronze £10

Cast iron £5

Trojan £30

Bronze and iron should fit the valve with a minimum of fuss or honing if pressed in correctly, Trojan are for very high end builds and will need a little more honing to size as they will be a much closer fit around the valve.



Standard bore Original equipment piston rings: £100

8v Piston rings

Camshaft bucket/cam follower: £20

Tappet bucket

Tappet shim £4


Gasflowed/ported cylinder heads

Re-worked, flowbench, road and track developed to a high standard.

New valve guides all round, 3 angle seats, appreciable increase in airflow at all valve lifts.

Re-cut angles on valves, back cut on inlet valve

Power increase circa 15%+ dependant on accompanying modifications.

£450 +VAT

Using your own supplied cylinder head and off-the-shelf valve guides.

If you require Trojan guides add £300 for 8 fitted and honed to size.

Trojan is a higher quality material which handles heat better and reduces the amount of wear which takes place. They are specially made to order then honed to a precise fit hence the price.

8v head

8v head 2

The cylinder head pictured, along with other parts from this page recently made 485 bhp and an incredible 454 ft/lbs (616Nm) of torque on an engine dyno.


If anyone is going to port your head then ask them about cylinder swirl, what it does and how these heads create it, if you are going to port the head  then ask yourself the same question and how easily it can be ruined. If blank looks are all you see then tread carefully. All my port shapes and modifications are the result of many hours spent on the flowbench and retain this feature as it is a very important part of this cylinder head, many people don’t even know it exists.

Vernier pulleys: £240

8v pulleys

High lift cams: £550 per pair (x2)

Various profiles and prices are available from mild to fast road, full race or even Group A spec.

We do not use standard off-the-shelf profiles as they have proven to be much less effective than a specifically designed one. You can read about cams here:


8v cams


Standard exhaust cam, genuine Fiat/Lancia new old stock: £180

One left in stock only.


Springs for high lift cams: £20 per valve, this is two springs, inner and outer. £160 for 8.


Top hat shims: £80 for 8

bucket and shim

Cuts down valve train weight dramatically and helps prevent power robbing valve bounce at high RPM

Tappet buckets: for under bucket shims x 8: £200


Lighter valve retainers for high lift cams: £100 for 8


These are lighter and have a different design to be used with the uprated springs. For use with high lift cams to prevent the retainer from hitting the valve stem oil seal.



Exhaust £20

Inlet £20

Valve stem oil seal £1.50 each


Balancer shaft replacement kit:

£160 with standard cambelt

£180 with 25mm cambelt


The ideal set up if you are re-building your engine and want to get rid of the balancer shafts, this is a complete kit of several parts (not pictured) with everything you need to do the job of removing the balancer shafts and blanking them off. It fits both the 8v and the 16v engines. The whole kit is CNC precision machined and the bearing holder is anodised for long life and to keep your engine bay tidy.

Instructions are supplied.


Crank Bearings

A good quality bearing, we have used these in many high powered applications.

Crank thrust washer £12

Crank mains: £45

Connecting rod/big end £40

Tri-metal full race crank bearings:

Crank mains: £130

Connecting rod/big end £110 Note: these are 16v type, but will fit 8v with a 16v rod.



Standard head bolts x 10 £25

Headbolt STD

Head stud exhaust: £2



Cylinder head studs, M10 nut and washer sets, made by ARP and £222 per set.

Please note, these studs supplied by us only now come with a much bigger washer than shown in the picture to prevent it sinking into the head.

8v stud kit

^^ These studs are intended for upgrades up to about 360 bhp, if you are intending to run more then we can offer some stronger M10 ones for £440  per set, these will cope with 450 – 500bhp.


ARP crank main bearing cap studs M12, no extra work required to fit: £260 

main bearing cap stud kit

Wossner Forged pistons: £560

8v piston

Includes all rings and pins.

Bore sizes 84, .2, .4, .6 and 84.8mm


Steel Rods £420

Wossner Piston and forged steel rod package: £890

Includes pistons, rings, pins, forged steel rods, ARP rod bolts and full instructions.

Cometic head gaskets: £150

Modern diesel engines typically run a static compression ratio of from 15 up to 22:1, then they are pressurised even further by the turbo. They use multi layer steel head gaskets as standard and do hundreds of thousands of miles with no problem. This is the main reason I use nothing but Cometic MLS, there just isn’t anything out there which is as good, we do not get failures caused by these gaskets.

head gasket

Available sometimes in the following sizes:


1 mm

1.295 mm

1.52 mm

1.67 mm

1.9 (standard thickness for forged pistons)

So you can set your squish clearances correctly on a new build.

Full engine gasket sets: £145

Gaskets and valve stem oil seals.

Gasket set

Top end gasket sets £110

Everything included (including rotary seals and inlet spacer/gasket) to rebuild the top end of the engine.

Rotary seals

Rotary seal

Crank front (oil pump housing) and left balancer shaft seal: £8

Crank rear: £12

Camshaft: £5

Right balancer shaft: £7

Full set: £45

Intake manifold gasket £10

Integrated 5mm phenolic spacer

8v in mani gasket

Uprated upper sump gasket integrale: £25

Tired of seeing oil oozing out of that tired old crappy soggy gasket? Here is a permanent fix, a reinforced heavy duty gasket.

These are solid so you can tighten the bolts and they don’t come loose or leak

Fit one now and forget about oil leaks from your upper sump. I fit these on all new engine builds.


Upper sump gasket

Light flywheels: £325





 Twinplate with flywheel £1500


Water pump £70



001 002

 Kit with gaskets/seals £20        Thermostat only £15

Oil pumps £300


Plug leads? Standard and performance, see Electrical section.

Standard clutch kit £190

Clutch with uprated (30% more clamp load) pressure plate, organic friction disc £325

Uprated with pressure plate and paddle disc £420

All fit standard flywheels.


High capacity oil filter  £15

Much more filtration capacity and higher by-pass pressure release than the original.

Oil filter high cap

Made by MANN filters, high capacity is on left, OE Lancia item on the right.