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Location, Contact and payment Details

I can’t stress this enough, but still people don’t read or act on it:

Email is the best way of communication.

Telephone from the UK on 01924 359 311.
From outside the UK it’s probably something like 0044 1924 359 311.

Leave a message if no-one answers. Don’t leave a vague message, put some effort into a description of what you want.

Great messages in the past have been those with no numbers, wrong numbers, messages on such a bad phone line that I couldn’t even tell what they were saying.

Currently we have two phones, here is the other number:


^  This one should get you to me easier than the other as no matter where I am I should have it with me.

Please do not text to this number or ring it out of working hours. It accepts incoming calls only so I can’t return calls or texts on it.

The 01924 number will become obsolete in Jan/Feb 2021 as we are moving, therefore make note of the 0746 number as it will become the only number eventually.

Neither will be answered outside of work hours unless you’re an existing customer and have told me beforehand you need to talk. I make myself available and will help all the right people as much as I can, but am not interested in random strangers problems at 9pm, 5 am, Saturdays, Sundays, Bank holidays etc. Some people have no respect.

If no-one answers leave a message or use email, I might be doing something noisy or sitting around drinking coffee and eating Jaffa cakes. Visits to the workshop by appointment only please, if you arrive unannounced I may be out picking up parts, in the hot tub, at home watching TV etc.

If you really have to call you’ll generally have more success in the afternoon.

Please phone or fill in the box below if you want more details on any parts and services, you don’t understand something or can’t see something which we might do.

Please don’t phone or fill in the box below if:

1. You want a price for something which is clearly labelled on the website, I have absolutely no idea why people do this, they generally don’t buy it anyhow.

2. You think i’m a mobile mechanic.

3.  You want me to fix your car via email/phone, spec you an engine I’m never going to build or you bought parts elsewhere and you want me to explain how to fit them, or why they don’t fit etc.  If you bought your parts from someone else then ask them, if they can’t tell you then why the heck did you buy from an idiot?  If you bought them from me I will always help any way I can.

I love, live, sleep and breathe engines, but whilst it might be your hobby, It’s my business, try to get your head around that. I need to earn a wage and serve good paying customers, sadly there aren’t enough hours in the day to do much more.  I wish I could sit around on my arse talking and helping people, but it just doesn’t pay the bills.

We do not have someone sat at a desk answering questions for free all day, it’s only a small business. Would you work for free on a daily basis?


When you order an engine or part from Deltaparts you are buying something which has been tested and used by me, mainly because I need these items myself so I feel confident to pass them onto you. Please practice a little patience when ordering, if you are expecting something to be rushed out immediately and on to your doorstep the next day you may be disappointed as I do get a little too busy from time to time, but i’ll do my best. Parts also come and go, one day something is available, next day not. Prices fluctuate regularly too. If you want something easy to run with readily available parts buy a Ford Focus, an integrale is not for you.

Scams that don’t work:

Yes, before you try it on I can see you coming a mile off, i’ve been in business long enough to know.

“I’m going to be spending thousands with you, but for now I just want a discount on this part”   Really?

“I’m going to be buying lots of parts, but before I do I want you to drop everything and fix my car for free over the phone” Yeah ok!

We (the UK) left the EU in January 2020 so things are changing, but:

“I have a VAT number therefore you can deduct 20%”

You can’t give me someone else’s or your trouser making businesses VAT number for your own private purchases, it doesn’t work like that. If you are a genuine VAT reg company in Europe then we can remove the VAT, but: You will need to have a valid VAT number (which will be checked), a believable website/ street address, the money has to come from the company bank or Paypal address and the goods will be sent to the business address. It is me who is taking the risk here, if the powers that be (our HMRC) find out you are not a genuine VAT registered purchaser then they’ll come to me for the money.



Within 14 days.

All electrical items are checked before dispatch and no returns are accepted on these items.