Sending money via Paypal, as ‘Friends or family’ or not?

For various reasons at Deltaparts we don’t have an automated online shop at the moment. We do however take bank transfers and Paypal payments.

Paypal offer insurance, this is against me running off with your money and is approximately 4% of the total due. This means I have to pay them £4 in every £100. If someone spends £1000 I lose £40, as you can imagine on a whole years worth of sales this adds up to a lot of money.

Recently someone asked for a bulk discount (which I granted) then paid a £4600+ via PP who in turn took £227 from me. So what was the point in me going to work that day? Well there wasn’t, I might as well have stayed in bed.

Now from your point of view you might think you need the insurance, from my point of view I know you don’t need it, nor do I want to pay it on your behalf.

So what to do? Well the answer is quite simple, I give YOU have the option on whether to pay it or not. If you feel the need to pay it then all prices are +4%, if you don’t want to pay it then you can send the money via PP using their ‘Friends & family’ option.

The only other solution is to put all prices up by 4% and not give anyone the option, I don’t think this is a good idea, I believe you should have the right to opt out to save money.

It amazes me that whilst we have had PP for so many years now that so many people don’t understand it, nor know how to use it. I suppose this down to our automated online shopping experiences and also the fact that everyone does everything via a mobile phone (which is a crap way to view the internet World in my opinion, but that’s for another blog maybe!).

So here you go, here below is how to send money for free using Paypal. The only things which may not work is that my view is from a computer and in the UK, if you’re using a phone and somewhere else it may well look different, we can but try.

Once i’ve logged in and gone to ‘Send money’ it looks like this with the recipients email address filled in:

Next we fill in the amount we are sending:

THEN HERE IS THE IMPORTANT BIT! This is where you have the choice to pay the fee or not:

Here are a couple of shots of what it looks like when I send money out of the EU, you can see it tells me exactly what the recipient gets:

And exactly how much it is costing me, it’s a flat fee, not a percentage:

Here it outlines what you’ve done:

So hopefully this gives you some idea of what to do. Admittedly it may look a little different on your screen, also some features are not open to everyone in every country, it may also change with what your PP account is attached to (a credit card or bank account etc).